Landscape Design

Flower and Shurb Planting  |  Drainage  |  Excavation  |  Lawn Design and Installation  |  Landscape Lighting  |  Privacy Hedge and Tree Planting  |  Stone Driveways

Working closely with you, we’ll come up with a plan and design for your entire property, or focus on one special space. Your vision for patios, exteriors, gardens and sanctuaries will come to life with practical planning.

Flower and Shrub Planting

Looking forward to blooms.

We design, source, install, and maintain plantings to achieve the seasonal color you’re looking for. Bulbs that bloom in the spring, think Tulips and Daffodils, will need to be planted in September or early October, when the ground temperature is 40-50 degrees. That’s typically six weeks before the ground freezes. Bulbs that would bloom in the summer, Dahlias and Gladiolus, are planted in the spring, after the harsh frost is gone.

Whether you have the ideal flowers or shrubs in mind or you’d like recommendations that will complement your home, we’ll take into account your garden’s sun exposure and moisture and bring to life your personal retreat.


Improve drainage and protect your landscape.

Drainage is a core pillar of landscape functional design.  Following natural paths, such as gentle slopes and drainage routes, is the priority. Sometimes systems such as curtain drains, dry wells, and surface drains must be installed to improve drainage capabilities. Our approach uses drainage to your advantage and mitigates risk to avoid damage to your lawn, gardens, and even home.


It is important to consider drainage when creating your dream landscape.


Leveling and remodeling.

Quality grading and excavation services, including leveling, trenching, and sloping. Whether you’re preparing your land for a new property or simply installing new flower beds, we’ve got you covered.

Custom service to bring your landscape vision to life.

Lawn Design and Installation

If you’re in the market for a new lawn, the first step is to evaluate some of the key factors of lawn health. These factors include your property’s soil PH, drainage, sun exposure, airflow, and hydration. From there, we’ll decide if we need to bring in healthier soil, thin out a selection of trees, or install irrigation. For instant results, we can install full or partial farm-grown sod. We can also prepare the soil for seeding using our landscape rake.

We only install the highest quality seed. With the proper care, you’ll start to see your lawn come to life within two weeks.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight your outdoor spaces.

We can up-light trees, illuminate your patio, or line your walking paths and driveway. Landscape lighting can extend your leisure time in the summer and provide safety in the winter.

Let us provide you with custom lamp posts made of wood, stone, or metal for your outdoor lighting design.

Privacy Hedge and Tree Planting

A symbiotic relationship.

Gardens offer an opportunity to highlight the symbiotic relationships of trees, shrubs, and plants. The base of an oak tree can become home to a lush bed of pachysandra that depends on the tree’s shade, which retains moisture and nutrients for the tree’s roots. In the same way, stone can moderate the temperature of the soil, helping plants and shrubs to survive a harsh New England summer. And even a privacy hedge can block sightlines and reduce noise, helping you maintain peace with your neighbors!


Following your desired landscape plan, trees can be used to accent fences, create additional privacy, frame gardens, and create an aesthetically pleasing and manicured lawn you can be proud of. Mature plantings increase your home’s value.

Stone Driveways

A quintessential New England design.

Stone driveways are an ideal way to achieve a softer look than asphalt while maintaining drainage properties and remaining durable. We believe driveways should be beautiful and build them from scratch to leave an everlasting first impression.

Visit our Garden Center for Stone colors and sizes. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it.